Yellowstone National Park: Golden's Investigation

September 22, 2003

Golden's Poll:

* 362 believe it to be the truth, that there is a maga volcano about to erupt and that it will cause global damage.
* 11 believe everything is okay and there will not be any eruption and that all is well in Yellowstone.
* 10 believe there will be a volcanic eruption but not in our lifetime.
* 4 believe it is another new age hoax.

What I have discovered is there is a very large area in the park where the ground has heated up to around 200 degrees and at that altitude that is above boiling. This area stretches over and 20 miles by 40 miles. There are boiling bubbling mud pots showing up everywhere, and for miles it is too dangerous to walk on the land because there is only a thin crust of land over the boiling mud and one could fall into it. That the lake in the park is rising because of the bottom is lifting up from pressure below. There have been dead animals found all over this area. And much of the vegetation is dead or dying. There have been a constant rumbling or earthquake like symptoms going on for some time now. People who live near the park are very frightened and many have moved.

I have several reports from people who live near the park and others who have visited recently and they all confirm the above. So my advice for everyone who can, investigate this yourselves. And yes I can see how this can work into end time prophecies, and it becomes easy to see how the day can become like night, and the moon turn blood red.

Do I believe this will erupt and be a maga volcano? Yes I believe it will, but the real question is when. And yes I now believe it will destroy lots of life for many hundreds of miles around possibly even much further. No I don’t believe it will destroy planet earth and all life on it, but then what do I know, I live in Israel.

I could draw this report out for many pages, but you should investigate this yourself. I am simply reporting back to you on the findings of those who took the time to investigate, some of them took a few days to do it.

Shalom, jerry golden