Tell Arnold Schwarzenegger And Tom McClintock That They Must Promise To Veto Every Anti-Family Bill To Get Your Winning Vote!

This Is The Unity Issue That Can Bring Republicans A Victory!

by Jim Neher, "The Mouse That Roars"

Canada just passed a bill silencing moral people from using Bible Scripture to combat the Lesbian/Gay Agenda! It is coming to America as well unless moral people insist on voting only for political candidates who will stop Democrats and Liberal Republicans from winning office! If minorities want a moral, civil, and free society, it behooves them to join the moral battle along with the millions of others in America who want you to be free, not used!

Please understand that the real issue is not whether opposing the Gay/Lesbian Bills is Hate Speech but whether moral opposition to the Gay/Lesbian and Anti-Family Agenda is silenced by the political power, government funding, and favor of the Anti-Family Juggernaught to silence Biblical Speech on every political issue!

Certainly, Christians and other moral people must not use hate to stop the Anti-Family Juggernaught but we must understand that the real issue is whether America has moral or immoral people in office!

An immoral super-majority means the death of Biblical freedom that is the lifeblood of freedom that our Founding Fathers secured with their blood in a war where they were few in numbers but giants in faith!? Are you going to be on God's side or on the immoral side taking America to destruction! As a reader of this article, do you favor surrendering your Constitutional right to Biblical freedom? Do you want you and your offspring to be those who reject God or do you want to become victims in a far bigger Holocaust? Fight now or lose what keeps you free!

The entire Democrat Party with few exceptions votes the immoral agenda as is true also of Liberal Republicans! Without a moral victory, we have a red political party (Democrats) and a pink party (Liberal Republicans) taking morality to the grave!

Republicans cannot win without the votes of moral people! Because moral people have not entered the battle earlier, we are faced with a choice of Schwarzenegger or McClintock! Voting for Schwarzenegger may be the end of freedom in California whereas McClintock may or may not have votes to win. The choice is yours! Absentee voters, please hold your vote until the October 7th Recall Election! Wait for the latest polls to decide!

If Tom McClintock challenges Arnold Schwarzenegger to promise to veto all anti-family bills, your decision might be determined by that challenge! McClintock's willingness to make this challenge may force Schwarzenegger to make the pledge, and that could be a BIG WIN for all of us, or a BIG SWITCH to Tom McClintock who can win if the liberals of Republican persuasion awake to this message! I will make my decision when I enter the polling place to cast my absentee ballot!

Governor Gray Davis just announced that he will sign legislation to make Internet SPAM illegal and punishable! Isn't government prohibition of SPAM a sign of government that steals your freedom across the board? There are plenty of software products that allow an individual choice to filter SPAM.