Japan Earthquake Raised to 8.2 Magnitude...09/25/09

by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

Aftershocks of 7.5 mag. , 7.0 mag. , and 6.7 magnitude continue to rumble and roll after the largest reported earthquake of this century occurred earlier today. Fear of "tsunami's " continue.

USGS reports "A great earthquake occurred IN THE HOKKAIDO, JAPAN REGION about 105 km (65 miles) south-southwest of Kushiro or 800 km (495 miles) north-northwest of Tokyo at 1:50 PM MDT, Sep 25, 2003 (Sep 26 at 4:50 AM local time in Japan). The magnitude and location may be revised when additional data and further analysis results are available. No reports of damage or casualties have been received at this time; however, this earthquake may have caused damage due to its location and size."

Tsunami Warnings:

A regional tsunami was observed at the following sites: 1) Hanasaki, Japan @ 7.0 feet. 2) Urakawa, Japan @ 4.9 feet.
3) Ofunato, Japan @ 1.64 feet 4) Kamaishi, Japan @ 3.3 feet.

Evaluation: No tsunami danger exists for Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, or California. However, some areas may experience small sea level changes. As local conditions can cause a wide variation in tsunami wave action. The "all clear" determinations must be made by local authorities.