Treason Is In The Air

Voice of Judea

29 September 2003

The 27 Israeli pilots who signed a petition against flying attacks against terrorist targets in Judea, Samaria and Gaza continue to splash headlines around the world. the fact that one of the pilots already has withdrawn his signature and that only a handful still fly in reserves has not diminished the huge controversy the petition has stirred.

The Arab press seized the opportunity to rejoice “at the unprecedented revolt in the air force of the Zionist enemy”, Al Arabia TV. Al Manar the Hezbollah station offered similar commentary.

While hundreds of active combat pilots signed a counter petition condemning the 26 “traitors” some extreme left-wing Israeli politicians such as Shulamit Aloni praised the pilots who pledged to refuse orders. The hundreds of pilots who signed the counter-petition pledged to continue to place their faith in the moral and legal orders they are given, and conceded that often missions are not carried out due to risk of harming “innocent Arab civilians”. Several pilots acknowledged that serious risks to their own lives are taken regularly so as to decrease the risk of hurting Arab civilians.

Voice of Judea Commentary:

1. There would be complete anarchy in the I.D.F. if every individual soldier decides which orders he wishes to observe. However, every soldier must draw a red line and have the courage to refuse orders that he believes are immoral and criminal.

2. Sadly, the chief of Israel’s air force was correct when he said that the 26 pilots “stabbed Israel in the back”.

3. The Talmud teaches us that in a time of war even the best of the enemy die.

4. The tragedy is not that 9 combat pilots may refuse orders; the tragedy is the hundreds of loyal pilots who are given orders to take needless risks and endanger themselves so as to protect the enemy population.

5. It is well known that many lives were lost because Israel refused to bomb terrorist nests in places like Jenin, in recent years. This mercy of fools must end.