A New Meteor Crashes Into Home...In New Orleans

by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

Earth Changes

A second meteorite crashes to Earth causing extensive damage to a home in New Orleans. Could there be a connection to a
meteorite which hit in India injuring five people? I would not rule this out. The question might be; is there something or some
event which is 'pulling' celestial orbs towards Earth? Items to rule out might be, solar activity and geomagnetic storms, near
earth asteroids, planetary tugs as in Mars, polar shift adjustments? I am sure we could add a few more.

Now here is what just happened in New Orleans
By Mark Schleifstein - Times Picayune, New Orleans and Mitch Battros (ECTV)

A meteorite which measures 9" in diameter crashes into a residents roof. Then the orb crashes through the second story
floor, then through the first story floor, and then is deeply embedded into the concrete foundation. Luckily, home owner Roy
Fausset and his family including his young daughter were not home.

Fausset says "The powder room door was open and it looked like an artillery shell had hit the room." It was a sandy colored
rock that appeared to have been burned around its edges. Preliminary tests by scientists at Tulane University indicate this
particular rock came from outer space.

If so, that makes it an exceedingly rare phenomenon. Meteorites enter the Earth's gravitational field with some frequency; all
but a tiny percent of them burn up during their passage through the atmosphere -- what are commonly called "shooting stars."

Stephen Nelson, chairman of Tulane's earth and environmental sciences department stated: "We found olivine, pyroxene,
plagioclase and troilite," a combination of minerals often found in meteorites. Nelson used X-ray diffraction Friday afternoon
to double-check the type of individual minerals that make up the rock. He had first identified the rock as rhyolite, a form of
volcanic rock found in Mexico and south Texas.

I will have Mark Schleifstein staff writer for the Times Picayune on the show next month. I will be asking him for all the
details of this 'sky is falling' event.