September 29, 2003

Actor is Against Republican Party
Platform on Family Values

Sacramento – Arnold Schwarzenegger should drop out of the Governor’s race, says Save California, a pro-family political action committee that on Tuesday is launching radio ads in Sacramento and the Central Valley to expose the anti-family positions of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Cruz Bustamante.

“Arnold is for homosexual adoptions, gay ‘marriage’ by another name, and taxpayer-funded abortions through all nine months of pregnancy,” said Randy Thomasson of Save California. “The Terminator is terminating family values and is spoiling the pro-family image of the Republican Party. Arnold should drop out of the race and clear the way for Tom McClintock, who can be trusted to defend family values.”

“The polls show that McClintock easily beats Bustamante if Schwarzenegger drops out,” said Thomasson. “Californian families will be better off if Arnold returns to Hollywood and the Republican Party remains the party of life and family. On vital moral issues, Arnold unfortunately has more in common with the California Democratic Party which supports taxpayer-funded abortion and gay ‘marriage’ by another name. Perhaps he’s spent too many summers in Massachusetts soaking up the liberal philosophy of Ted Kennedy.”

Tomorrow, Save California will launch radio ads on popular talk radio stations in Sacramento, Modesto, Fresno and Bakersfield. Save California’s ads are already running on family-friendly radio stations in Los Angeles. The 60-second “John and Laura” ad is posted at

On the protection of innocent human life, the California Republican Party platform reads: The CRP affirms its support for the protection of innocent human life at every stage, from the pre-born to the elderly, the infirm and the disabled. As the Party for Life, we stand with the overwhelming majority of Americans who oppose taxpayer funding of abortion and abortion for sex selection. To restore to the states the right to determine the abortion issue, we support the reversal of Roe v. Wade.

Yet on his campaign web site, Schwarzenegger says, “I support the state’s current family planning programs, and as governor, would make no changes to this policy.” This means Schwarzenegger would continue to force taxpayers to pay tens of millions of dollars each year to kill over 100,000 unborn children.

On the protection of marriage, the California Republican Party platform reads: Recognizing the traditional model of monogramous heterosexual marriage as the only stable relationship upon which to build a society, we believe that homosexuality should not be presented as an acceptable “alternative” lifestyle in public education and policy. We oppose granting to homosexuals special privileges, including marriage, domestic partnership benefits, and child custody or adoption.

Yet on the nationwide Sean Hannity and Larry King programs, Schwarzenegger has expressed open-ended support for “domestic partnerships,” which is homosexual "marriage" by another name. The just-signed gay “marriage” bill supported by Gray Davis and Cruz Bustamante is named the Domestic Partners Rights and Responsibilities Act. In 2000, 80% of Republican voters supported Prop. 22, the Protection of Marriage Act.

“With the Republican establishment’s endorsement of Arnold Schwarzenegger, California’s two major parties are becoming virtually indistinguishable on family values issues such as the protection of marriage and tax-funding of abortion,” said Thomasson. “Pro-family Californians of all political stripes should resist the parties’ disregard for family values and cast their votes for Tom McClintock, whose voting record is consistent with protecting marriage and family.”

Excerpt from the USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll: "If the choice were between Cruz Bustamante, the Democrat, and Tom McClintock, the Republican, who would you be more likely to vote for: Cruz Bustamante or Tom McClintock?" Probable voters: Bustamante 37%, McClintock 56%

FROM: SAVE CALIFORNIA: Forwarded by Jim Neher, "The Mouse That Roars"