Government Guinea Pig: Mind Contol Through New Computer - Video Games

The next step in mass experimentation and mind control is about to be initiated through computer/video games and the Internet as noted and warned of in the soon to be released feature-length DVD, GOVERNMENT GUINEA PIG: WHEN UNCLE SAM WANTS YOU...

"John B. Alexander, retired U.S. Army Colonel, author, and "celebrated technical consultant" (USA Today), has joined up with Platinum Studios in a four-year exclusive deal "to develop movies, vidgames and comic books based on real security threats and the whiz-bang weapons designed to defeat them," (Daily Variety). Alexander, who has worked in a similar capacity with Tom Clancy and Michael Crichton, will be lending his knowledge and expertise on everything from futuristic battleground scenarios to advanced high-tech military planning to create stories and ideas the likes of which have never been seen. "

Click here: Platinum Studios: Col. Alexander

"To better realize the concepts and ideas being developed for the video-game medium, Alexander and Platinum will be working closely with Blue Shift Games, one of the nation's leading and award-winning game developers, as well as Handheld Games, a developer specializing in software and accessories exclusive to portable gaming platforms."

"Los Angeles, CA (June 23, 2003) - Platinum Studios, the premier company for comic book to film adaptation, today announced an exclusive four-year development deal with Colonel John B. Alexander, U.S Army (Ret.), noted government advisor and one of the world's foremost experts on advanced weaponry and technological threats. This partnership will allow Platinum to produce a series of original comic books and graphic novels incorporating Col. Alexander's concepts and scenarios, which will be developed for all media, including film, television, and interactive gaming. Because Col. Alexander's knowledge of advanced weapons and future warfare is so sophisticated, and the threats so genuine, these works will more than blur the line between science fiction and reality.

The deal will also allow Platinum to take advantage of the $10 billion gaming industry, where licensed projects make up more than a majority of the top releases. Platinum also announced today extensive deals with one of the nation's leading independent game developers, Blue shift, Inc. and leaders in next-generation handheld development, Handheld Games, to create interactive properties based on Col. Alexander's expertise and his futuristic vision of military combat. "

"We're talking about everything from electromagnetic pulse weapons that could cripple a country by wiping out all its electronics, to controlling insects with pheromones to make whole cities uninhabitable, just to name a couple of examples," said Platinum Studios Chairman Scott Mitchell Rosenberg. "It sounds like science fiction, but these are bona fide matters the military is concerned about as the future of warfare--and possible future terrorist threats. And Col. Alexander is THE expert on all of it." stated Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, Chairman, Platinum Studios

AND.... how about affecting the thoughts of millions (of youth) through mind control technolgy that can easily be incorporated in, embedded into and disseminated by way of video/computer games and eventually the Internet?

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