ALERT: Saudi practicing war games near Israeli border!


[IMRA: Coincidentally, recently there have been a number of incidents of civilian planes that have strayed into Israeli airspace. In each case Israeli jets scrambled to intercept. The Saudis have ignored Israeli complaints that there was an understanding with the USA that the Saudis would not position their American made jets at Tabuk.]

ABU DHABI [MENL] -- Saudi Arabia has launched a major air and naval exercise in the northwestern part of the kingdom near the Israeli border.

The Saudi exercise includes advanced fighter-jets as the F-15S, as well as fast attack naval craft and air defense systems. The air portion of the exercise has been directed by the Saudi E-3A airborne warning and control systems.

Saudi officials said the exercise began last week, with headquarters at the King Faisal Air Base at Tabuk, near the Jordanian border and 200 kilometers from Israel. The officials said the exercise was part of a series of maneuvers that would take place along Saudi Arabia's northern border.

The maneuvers were termed a combined exercise that included nearly every major wing of the Saudi military. They included the navy, air force and air defense command.

Cutting Edge NOTE: DEBKAfile also reported this war games exercise