Catholics and Lutherans Agree To Execute Anabaptists


In 1529, the emperor Charles the Fifth met with representatives of both the Catholic and Lutheran churches in the city of Spires, Germany; where they agreed upon and enacted a law, which I here quote for your horror and amusement:

"By the plenitude of our imperial power and wisdom we ordain, decree, oblige, declare, and will that all Anabaptists, men and women who have come to the age of understanding, shall be executed and deprived of their natural life by fire, sword, and the like, according to opportunity and without previous inquisition of the spiritual judges".

And thus began the extermination of some 85,000 people, many of whose only "crimes" were their unwillingness to collaborate with The State, and their refusal to join and support the "State Authorized Religions". I'll bet you never heard about this! This persecution continued for almost 200 years; even while the Protestant Churches were in their "hey day".

SO, the Catholics and the Protestants found a thing they COULD agree on: get rid of those Anabaptists! But they needed some kind of excuse, for every man likes to anesthetize his conscience a little bit before he sets out to sin: so in 1534, when they found a "compound" full of seditious religious fanatics in Munster, Germany, they labeled them as "Anabaptists"; besieged the town; killed them all; published their crimes; and then, set out to "get the rest of them".

Cutting Edge NOTE: This kind of labeling is exactly what is going to occur very soon throughout the world today. As in 1529, the same religious elements will strive to again kill genuine Born Again Christians: The Roman Catholic Church and the Liberal Protestant denominations.

"The more things change, the more they stay the same"