US Flag Full of Pentagrams

Posted By: FraterR.S. [NOTE: "Frater" is a term used by Adept members of Secret Societies like Golden Dawn]

Date: Friday, 24 October 2003

Everywhere I go nowadays the U.S flag is on display. From bumper stickers, to full size banners in store fronts, to decals on New York City subway cars, the stars and stripes have become the most popular add in America, yet how many Americans actually know what they are looking at when they see the flag? Sure there are stars and stripes and 3 colors, but has anyone thought about just why these symbols were chosen? Could the message of Old Glory actually mean something else other than what we are taught in school when we learn the pledge of allegiance?

Lets begin by looking at the stars. Aside from the fact that there are fifty of them, each one is a five-pointed star. In the Western Occult Tradition, the five-pointed star is referred to as The Pentagram and is considered a very powerful Magickal symbol.

The theory behind the Pentagram is that the top point symbolizes Spirit, while the four lower points represent the basic elemental archetypes of the material world (air, fire, earth, and water). Another way of looking at the five-pointed star is to imagine that it is the figure of a human being with the top point corresponding to the head and the four lower points corresponding to the arms and legs. Just as the head of a human being with its brain controls both the conscious and unconscious processes of the physical body, from an Occult standpoint so should Spirit or our Higher Self control the basic energies of our manifest material existence. Thus the Pentagram is a symbol of the mastery of our Higher Genius over our lower nature.

Traditionally, the ritual incorporating the Pentagram has been used for banishing and protection. This is because the mathematical perfection of the five-pointed star (the Pentagram was considered by Pythagoras to be a sacred symbol of universal power and health), combined with the concentration and intention of the user, acts to create an energetic shield that is impregnable on the subtler planes of our existence. The reality of these subtle or Magickal realms should not be underestimated, a simple illustration being the fact that the overwhelming number of alleged Alien Abductions occur during the dreamtime. The reason for this is because the abductors are aware that the average human being does not realize that the reality of the dreamtime is a viable one and not merely a fantasy or figment of their imagination.

All that we see or seem, Is but a dream within a dream.
- Edgar Allan Poe

It is a known fact that the founding Fathers of the United States were all high level Masons. I mention this because while the majority of the rank and file members of the Freemasons have a certain view of what their organization is about, those who have attained the higher rankings within the order have another agenda altogether and are quite familiar with Occult information and its associated practices. With this in mind, it is not much of a stretch to then suppose that the Founders of this country were well aware of the significance of the pentagram and intended to use its power to manifest their desires to create a New Republic. It is also no accident that the military headquarters of the U.S is The Pentagon, a perfect five-sided figure that is created in the center of the star when one draws a Pentagram.

As was the case with the stars on our national banner, the colors of the American flag also hold a subtle Occult significance. In the Royal Art of Alchemy the colors of red, white, and blue had a very definite esoteric meaning. Red was the color associated with the element of Sulphur or Earth Heat, the catalytic agent that was used to ignite the various stages within the process of transforming base metals or gross existence into the gold of Higher Consciousness. Blue was the color associated with the element of Quicksilver or Mercury, which was in turn representative of the active feminine agent that would interact with the masculine energy of Sulphur. The color white signified Salt and was supposed to represent the element of earth, or the surface upon which Sulphur and Quicksilver would perform their dance of transformation in regards to the metal the alchemist was looking to change.

The colors of red and white also referred to the red and white tinctures, or the two basic solutions that a Master Alchemist would create and then combine to manifest actual Gold. The Elizabethan Mathematician and Occultist Doctor John Dee began his infamous and legendary association with the mysterious Scryer and Psychic Edward Kelly based on the fact that Kelly was in possession of a vial of the red tincture (something Dee was unable to manufacture on his own), which complemented the vial of the white tincture Dee had managed to create. The subsequent adventures of these two Occult Masters in the Ruling Courts of several European Monarchies was a direct result of their symbiotic, Alchemical marriage and its Golden offspring.

Getting back now to the point of this essay, I would like to make clear that Occult knowledge and the techniques associated with such information are merely tools, like a hammer. A carpenter can use a hammer to build a house or a psychopath can use it to murder his mother, what it boils down to is the intention of the person or persons using the tool. I am saying this because while much of the symbolism chosen by our Founding Fathers was selected for its Occult Significance, their intentions at the time were honorable in that they were honestly trying to create a better place. The leaders we have now are not necessarily so well intentioned, so it is of the utmost importance to realize the Magickal significance of their actions when they promote an agenda using metaphorical symbols that have a potent Occult Power, like the flag. It is also important to remember that Occult Power does not reside in the symbol itself, but rather in the operator. As a result, dont allow the intentions of those who would manipulate our government to fit their private agenda force us to see the flag for their purposes rather than our own.