Someone wants San Diego to burn! No one fought the first four fires

Email from San Diego Resident To Cutting Edge Subscriber

October 29, 2003


Someone wants San Diego to burn! This whole fire situation is
> unbelievable. As you know, I live in San Diego. I spent Sunday packed
> and ready to evacuate. I am out of danger now but thousands are not.
> This has been the most disastrous situation imaginable, and it didn't
> have to get like this. Saturday night, four fires started. No one fought
> them! They were basically allowed to burn out of control until Tuesday
> or Wednesday. I have been listening to KOGO local radio, and the things
> they are reporting is astonishing. Our Representatives and City Council
> members have been trying to get help in here to fight these fires and
> everything has to go through the Governor's office and the Governor has
> held up all help until now.

Governor Davis was called several times by
> numerous people requesting help and he refused to give the go-ahead
> until Tuesday. By then, of course these fires were raging totally out of
> control all over. These fires have burned 100,000 acres A DAY! These
> are not forest fires. They started in San Diego and until yesterday were
> burning within San Diego itself, not out in the east county as they are
> now. Over 1,100 homes have burnt to the ground needlessly. The immense
> problem is not that the fires started but that no one fought them until
> now.

Someone would not allow anyone to fight these fires.

Canada offered
> to send C120's or 130's and were told NO. Fire fighters from all over
> have offered to come and volunteer and were told NO. The military here
> (Miramar Air Station and Camp Penalton) offered to help and were told
> NO. They wanted to use their C120' and C130's and helicopters and were
> told NO. No air support was allowed until Tuesday or Wednesday. There
> was no real serious fighting of this fire for 3 DAYS! And on, and on,
> and on these stories go!

Fire Officials are saying this San Diego fire
> is the worst fire in THE HISTORY OF CALIFORNIA!!! Whoever controls the
> Governor, the same ones who control everyone else.....
> obviously.....WANTS SAN DIEGO TO BURN!!!