CNN Correspondent States "Nothing like a natural disaster to bring people together"...10/29/03

New Agers Believe Natural Disaster will help bring forth "a mass shift in consciousness", to "reach critical mass"

by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

I couldn't have said it better myself. In fact, I often have!

As I view the out of control fires in California, I begin to see human nature react with a sense of bonding and community. I have often stated in my interviews..."it is the coming challenges in the way of natural disaster which will facilitate the threshold needed to reach 'critical mass'. It will be when we, as a collective body, can truly change our destiny. It is this very dynamic interaction which is mentioned in the Mayan prophecy, Hopi prophecy, Tibetan, Anasazi, Sumarian, Essene's, Egyptian, Dogon, and several other tribes around the world.

To reach a mass shift in consciousness, we will need to reach a point to which a majority of thought outweighs fear, restriction, sameness, limitation. There is no better time for such an event to unfold, then a time of "external collective helplessness". This cannot occur by the hand of our fellow man, such as bubba bush, but from an outside source such as natural disasters. It will take an outside influence such as solar storms, earthquakes, volcano's, floods, and yes, even a visit from extraterrestrials, to bring the masses of people together which will almost instantly melt all divisive barriers.

It is when this collection of events manifest, our hearts, minds, souls will be open to something different. Perhaps what we see now, may just be enough to push the barrier of idle thought just a little more. But I believe it will take a series of further events to truly gain a "mass consciousness".

We have an opportunity coming this November 8th. It is called the Harmonic Concordance". Yesterday I spoke to John Mirehiel, who is the originator of this event. He mentioned that since our interview October 14th, which was the first public announcement, he has gained world wide recognition. I told him "live" in our interview, that what he is doing will catch on like none of the other 'meditation day' events. This appears to have held true. But why?

Perhaps it is more than just the astrological influence of this day. It is almost like most of the reason's John has determined this to be such a special day, is really just a foot note to something much larger. Perhaps has more to do with current events unfolding rapidly in the way of natural disasters, that presents a once in a lifetime opportunity for a world to join together on the same day, and perhaps even the very same minute, in a moment of contemplation. My gosh, the thought of billions of people around the world joining to share the very same minute of thought is overwhelming.

My spiritual part of me can clearly see, an event such as this, would surely shift man's consciousness into a different reality. Of course the science part of me, is not as enthusiastic, but to my surprise, is open to the idea. Even the most harsh skeptics of John Mirehiel's data to support his analogy, have openly said, "Hey, even though this guys premise is not of sound science, what harm can there be with millions, if not billions, of people joining together in thought, prayer, and meditation. Heck, count me in".