CBS Pollutes Prime Time Airwaves with Teen Group Sex

By Parents TV E-Alerts

November 13, 2003

CBS's "Without a Trace" has reached new lows of depravity by featuring scenes of a teen group sex during prime time.

Yes, you read that correctly - teen group sex - on prime time broadcast TV.

"Without a Trace" is a Nielsen-ranked Top 10 show watched by hundreds of thousands of children. Although the episode aired at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT, it airs at 9:00 p.m. in the Central and Mountain time zones - hardly late night by anyone's standards.

We need your immediate help to flood the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) with thousands of official indecency complaints about this outrageous episode. If CBS gets away with this vile programming content, it will set a new and unspeakably low standard for all of prime time broadcast TV.

This year, the PTC and its members have hit the FCC with nearly 100,000 official complaints. Because of your involvement for the first time in the history of the agency, the FCC is finally starting to take a hard look at its record of inaction on indecency enforcement. But we need to keep the pressure on the FCC to make sure they start punishing broadcasters for airing this smut. More importantly, we need to send a loud and clear signal to CBS and its affiliates that we will not tolerate their efforts to push TV standards into the gutter and to poison young minds with such irresponsible messages.

You can find a detailed synopsis of the blatantly offensive content of the November 6 episode of "Without a Trace" at so you'll have no doubt how damaging this filth was to the hundreds of thousands of children who were exposed to it. WARNING: Do not allow children to read this synopsis; it contains extremely offensive material.

As soon as you've read it, please join the Parents Television Council in taking two actions NOW to register your outrage --

1. After you've read this email, go to and sign your name to a formal Complaint to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

The FCC is supposed to enforce the federal law against broadcast TV indecency. We believe, if this episode of "Without a Trace" wasn't indecent, nothing is. We need to FLOOD the FCC with complaints, or before you know it, filth like this will be routine on television.

When you add your name to the FCC Complaint, the PTC will immediately forward it by email to the Washington, DC headquarters of the FCC.

2. MOST IMPORTANT -- forward this email to friends, relatives and colleagues in your email address book. Send it to everyone you know who shares your outrage about the foul language, deranged violence and smutty, pandering sexual content that seem to have taken over so much of the TV that young people are watching these days.


It's critically important that you and everyone you forward this message to get your Complaints registered with the FCC. So please go to now to register your Complaint with the FCC...

... and don't forget to forward this email to like-minded friends, relatives and colleagues.

Hopefully, many of them will forward this email also, and your protest will be multiplied many, many times over!

TOGETHER, with a BIG GRASSROOTS RESPONSE, we CAN stop the flood of filth, foul language and sick, ultra-violence on TV.

With urgent thanks,

The Parents Television Council

Tim Winter, Executive Director