Did terrorists almost succeed in changing the regional map in the Middle East?

Rapture Alert

December 5, 2003

The city of Damascus, Syria is in serious jeopardy of being destroyed in fulfillment of Bible prophecy. Why do I say that? Jerusalem Newswire is reporting a plot was recently hatched inside Syria by terrorists loyal to Yasser Arafat that could have "changed the regional map."

According to the article, the terrorist plot involved two bombs being detonated, one of which was to be detonated in a high school in Yokneam, Israel. The other was to be detonated in the town of Bet She'an, Israel. Although the article doesn't say what the particular target was in Bet She'an, the goal of the terrorists, at least in the attack planned for Yokneam, was to deliberately kill Israeli children.

In Yokneam, the plan was a terrorist would commit a suicide bombing by detonating a belt loaded with explosives he would be wearing near the entrance of a high school as hundreds of innocent Israeli children were pouring out of it at the end of a school day on their way home. The casualty count, if this attack had taken place, would have been very high.

Fortunately, Israeli counter-intelligence prevented the planned attack from occurring, but what if it had happened? The words used by several Israeli government officials to describe the level of Israel's retaliation if these attacks had been successful were very threatening to say the least.

Israeli Internal Security Minister Tzahi HaNegbi said that had the terrorists hit their targets, they would have totally "changed the regional map."

A senior Israeli defense spokesman said Israel would have responded in a way that could have shaken the entire Middle East!

The article quotes another spokesman as saying the event could have triggered "a region-shaking military response."

Who would Israel have retaliated against in this scenario? Damascus, Syria, and rightly so! Despite repeated warnings from the United States and Israel, Damascus continues to be a safe haven for terrorists and, if you believe the US Congress, the second largest sponsor of terrorism in the world, second only to Iran.

The Bible tells us, in Isaiah 17:1, Damascus will someday be "taken away from being a city" and be left "a ruinous heap."

In other words, the regional map in the Middle East is going to be changed someday, perhaps in the very near future.

Psalms 119:160: Thy word is true from the beginning: and every one of thy righteous judgments endureth for ever.