Your 2nd Amendment just got flushed by the US Supreme Court, refusal to hear/rule on Silveira v. Lockyer

From: Concerned Citizen

You may have not noticed it but American's right to own registered or unregistered firearms
has just been flushed down the toilet at the nation's highest court.

They have refused to hear the case Silveira v. Lockyer, which let stand the 9th Circuit's ruling
that the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution does not guarantee an individual a right to arms.
However, this is much more than the plain vanilla issue of an individual’s rights to goes
much more deeper. The Supreme's refusal to hear the case and issue a ruling is a slap in the
face of the entire nation's populace, demanding the people do not have the right to have Redress.

What does this do? It sets legal precedence to register all firearms, ban what firearms they will,
and ultimately confiscate every single firearm they can get their hands on.

As I've said on many occasions, the 2nd Amendment issue is the "canary in the coal mine." When
this article of the Bill of Right falls all of the other Rights will likewise fall in rapid succession and all
that is needed is a simple catalyst.

The gungrabbers in society and in our Congress do not need to pass a law to register or confiscate
the firearms of the citizenry, all they need is legal precedence, and now the U.S. not so Supreme Court
has opened up this horrible box for them to proceed. All that is needed now is the Justice Department
to instruct US Attorneys to push the issue. On the other hand, since legal precedence is now available,
state and local government can have law enforcement personnel take those firearms or direct
immediate registration leading to ultimate confiscation.