Christian Pastor Complains About Pressure To "Rubber Stamp" The "Passion" For Biblical Accuracy

Written to Becky Sexton, Cutting Edge Ministries - "What Saith Rome?" Section


I don't know what has been happening on your end of things concerning this movie, but as a Canadian pastor I had a chance to preview this movie about a month ago. It was presented by Campus Crusaders for Christ as the newest, hottest evangelizing tool ever and they wanted us to rubber stamp it for accurate doctrine and promote it within our congregations.

I am here to say that I am thoroughly disgusted with the Evangelical leaders that have undergirded this Catholic farce and abomination to our God and Lord Jesus Christ. I didn't think I would see so much Mary veneration in my whole life. This movie is scripturally in-accurate in so many places it is a joke and in does not bring one ounce of conviction of sin or the need to repent. There is nothing that links the death of Jesus (no matter how over sensationalized) with the reason for His having to die.

I could spend another 3 pages I'm sure about the catholic influence in this movie and I have already warned my congregation that we are going to have to deal with a bunch more false doctrine and Mary worship now, but that will be from misguided evangelical Christians who have followed the lead of a bunch of cowards who want to sound good to the ears of men.

I am writing this because this ministry has proven to me in the past that you are able to speak hard truth. I hope you are of the same mind about this attempt by the evangelical Christians as a majority to pass the commission to reach the lost off to some modern catholic stud/star, unrepentant, director/actor, who will make a pile of money spreading the catholic heresy to the lost and the Christian world. The Pope must just love this and Martin Luther must be rolling in his grave!

God Bless

Pastor Les Theiss
The Potters House Church (Edmonton) Canada

Sent: Friday, February 27, 2004 11:48 AM