Great Britain's Prime Minister Blair made political decisions based on New Age reading of occult hidden force: 'The Light'

The London Times

March 8, 2004

In light of the damaging revelations of Blair's former business partner, Peter Foster, the Times of London today reported on Foster's allegations of the nature of Blair's relationship with his former 'style guru,' Carole Caplin.

The article stated,

Foster also claims Blair phoned Caplin on returning from a visit to George W Bush in April 2002. "She told me Tony said that war against Iraq was inevitable."

In the article in Vanity Fair, Foster claims that when Blair has had clashes with Gordon Brown he has sought advice from Caplin, who got her mother Sylvia to do a new age "reading" involving a hidden force called The Light.

Foster said: "Tony would call and Carole would say, 'I'll ask mum to channel on this and ring you back.' Then she'd call back and say, 'You must not confront him on this. Now isn't the right time'.",

The revelation that Blair channelled 'the light' (Lucifer?) and based political decisions on it is unsurprising in light of the past history of world leaders' fascination with the occult.

Earlier Revelations of Blair's Worship of Luciferian Techniques -- The Guardian, Sunday December 29, 2002

"According to Jack Temple, Cherie Blair's 'homeopathic dowser healer', the leaves of which plant allow 'the lame to walk, the barren to conceive and the sad to smile' if, and only if, they capture the healing energies of the stars by being planted within the boundaries of his allegedly neolithic stone circle at West Byfleet near Woking?

"With Christmas over many readers will be planning to imitate the Blairs by visiting the fake Aztec pyramid in the grounds of the Mamora Hotel on Mexico's Caribbean coast. After you and your companion have stripped down to your swimming costumes and gazed on the shapes of phantom animals in the steam, what should you smear each other with before emitting a primal scream of psychic rebirth?