Secret Lesbian Sisters: Cheney's Wife Writes Steamy Lesbian Novel

Wired News

02:00 AM Apr. 02, 2004 PT

Lynne V. Cheney is more than just the woman behind the man in the secret bunker. Vice President Dick Cheney's wife is also a writer and a history nut, according to her official White House bio. What you won't find listed there, however, is Sisters, her 1981 novel about feminism in the Old West. According to Publishers Weekly, the pulp romance title packs "lots of turgid prose, heaving bosoms, female characters who are proto-feminists and practice safe sex with multiple partners -- and a juicy lesbian subplot." Fans of racy historical fiction who missed Cheney's book the first time around needn't wait much longer for a fresh blast from the seedy past: Penguin Group USA plans to reissue Sisters next week.