Dobson Moves on to Federal Marriage Amendment: Now that He’s "Solved" Problems in Massachusetts

Massachusetts News

April 6, 2004

Now that he has “solved” the marriage problems in Massachusetts, James Dobson has moved his emphasis to the Federal Marriage Amendment which is opposed by every family organization except for him and his affiliates.

No one believes Dobson is going to get 2/3 of the Congress to approve his Amendment. That’s good because if he is successful, it would allow civil unions as happened in California after he took charge there. His minion, Matt Daniels (former head of Massachusetts Family Institute), has said on the radio that he does not oppose civil unions which are imposed by a state legislature and not a court. But they’re still civil unions, just like in Vermont.

Dobson wrote in an email sent yesterday: “This is an absolutely crucial letter because the institution I created, Focus on the Family, to preserve -- the family -- is not only under attack as it has never been before: It is on the verge of extinction.

“Tyrannical judges, rogue public officials and homosexual activists are working tirelessly to redefine the traditional family by extending marriage rights to same-sex couples -- as recent news headlines out of the city of San Francisco and the state of Massachusetts make painfully evident. The only way to thwart their efforts, to ensure that the institutions of marriage and family as God ordained them are protected for future generations, is to pass the Federal Marriage Amendment (FMA).”

This is terrible advice. That strategy will fail just as surely as his Massachusetts and California strategy has failed. But it will make millions in donations for Focus.