The Australian League of Rights

by Dariusz Ratajczak Ph.D.

I have read several articles and reports about John Kerry's ancestors. They are inaccurate and incomplete. Here is my opinion.

John Kerry's great-grandmother comes from the Jewish family Fraenkel. Fraenkels, together with another Jewish family Pinkus built industrial plant in the Prussian (Silesian) Neustadt (Prudnik)- the small city in Upper Silesia (Oberschlesien) that now belongs to Poland.
Prudnik is 10 km from the Polish-Czech border and 55 km from my home Opole (Oppeln). It is not a Czech, but a Silesian city! Now this industrial plant is named "FROTEX" and produces towels also exported to the U.S.A.

According to the historical data, the ancestors of John Kerry were Jacob Fraenkel, born 13, May 1809 in Zuelz (now, Biala Prudnicka)- the small town between Prudnik and Opole with the oldest Jewish cemetery in Silesia and Johanna Fischer, born 13, August 1816 in Oberglogau (Glogówek).

It is a charming Silesian city near the Polish- Czech border (earlier German-Czech one) with the magnificent palace, that belonged to Oppersdorff family, the German-Polish noblemen (some members of Oppersdorff family voted on Poland in the Silesian Plebiscite, 1921).

Jacob and Johanna had a daughter- Mathilde Fraenkel, born in Oberglogau (Glogówek) 14 September 1845. She married Benedict Kohn (not Cohn) from Horni Benesov in Bohemia. So, it is that "famous Bohemian trace" in John Kerry's family tree.

Their child was Fritz Kohn , born 10, May 1873, the grandfather of Senator John Kerry, who immigrated to America, changed his name, and commited suicide.
Ancestors of the senator were Silesian-Bohemian Jews.

Probably they considered themselves members of the German nation, which was typical for the Jews in Germany (also in Silesia) and in Bohemia from the XIX century to 1933 and sometimes later. Now, the Germans can say: Kerry is our compatriot. At last Mr John Kerry married "The German ketchup"!"


The report of John Kerry's Jewish roots is verified in an article in the Australian Jewish News 12/3/04. It writes: "John Kerry will take on George W. Bush in November's US election for the White House, and if he is successful he will be the first US president with Jewish roots."
In a cartoon on the same page a male is stating: "John Kerry has Jewish roots and Jewish relatives." To which a female replies: "So if he becomes president he'll be living in the White and Blue House?"