Russia Will Be Switched Off From the Internet - Temporarily

Timebomb 2000

April 18, 2004

Note: Text translated from Russian

From April, 19 till April, 25 Russia will be switched - off from the Internet for translation of the main network equipment on modern, more safe, the Internet reports.

From last week in committee of the United Nations the Internet is discussed neither more, nor less than the future of a global network. In opinion of the majority of representatives of the states of the world, the Internet in his(its) modern kind for a long time also has far departed that primary purpose - a way of a fast exchange scientific (including confidential) between universities and scientists of all world - the purposes for the sake of which it(he) was, actually, is constructed by the information.

Now, in opinion of lecturers, the Internet has turned to a source of constant threat and huge damage from hackers, worms, viruses, the Internet became the basic source of the undesirable correspondence, a place of a meeting and dialogue of odious persons and terrorists, a sex magazine in the universal scale, corrupting hundred millions juvenile children worldwide and preaching violence and lawlessness. Transfer of the classified information on scientific development on lines the Internet recently became simply reckless as the information will be inevitably intercepted by programs - spies both some governments, and separate hackers.

But here if with the description of a developed situation of the big disagreements at participants has not arisen, here with the measures directed on improvement of this situation, the common opinion till now is not present. As variants of decisions are offered: works with legislators of all world powers by way of toughening the responsibility for offences in the Internet and equating of infringements in this sphere to usual criminal offences, development and introduction of the new technologies interfering anonymity and permissiveness, "allocation" from chaos the Internet of a safe zone with strict laws and the responsibility, and even liquidation the Internet and construction of a new Network, with initially built - in technologies of safety, or construction of the "parallel" network few(not enough,poorly) crossed about the Internet, or at all not crossed with it(her).

It is necessary to note, that the variant of liquidation the Internet is not such fantastic: all business as it is usual, rests against the finance, writes SecurityLab. Ru. Losses of the largest companies from viruses, a spam and hacker attacks only for last two years have exceeded 80 billion US dollars and under forecasts only for this 2004 will make the similar sum (for comparison - the estimated cost of construction of a new global Network makes 12-18 billion US dollars, time of construction - no more than one and a half years

But for today a variant of liquidation the Internet has not caused approval of the United Nations. As alternative though also a provisional measure the prompt transition of an infrastructure of the Internet to modern Internets - reports has been offered, that will allow to lower risks of the Internet on the order. According to the authorized schedule " beepm{u switching-off " all countries of the world (and according to last data of the United Nations there are 215 states) within a year will pass on new technologies, switching-off of the country will be time and will make (depending on complexity of structure of lines) from day till 10 days, Russia will pass to new reports from April, 19 till April, 25, at this time access on any addresses in a network the Internet will be impossible. America will pass to new reports of one of the last within five days (from January, 2 till January, 6, 2005), and Japan - one first (already from April, 5, till April, 11, 2004).

Influence of new more safe technologies on decrease(reduction) (it would be desirable to think) damage from Internets - crimes will be considered(examined) at the next session of committee of the United Nations on questions of communication(connection) and telecommunications in the beginning of 2006. And then the decision and on liquidation the Internet, as a last resort, can be accepted.