California Warehouse Raid: Authorities Find Chinese Weapons - Headed For L.A. Gangs?

Time Bomb 2000

April 17, 2004

Okay here's the scoop. It seems a large quantity of Norinco Ak-47s ammo, RPG-7s and Red Canaries (Chinese copy of soviet SA-7 shoulder fired anti aircraft missile) where discovered in California between Imperial and San Diego. These items, it is believed, were destined for the La RAZA/Nation of Atlazan(spelling?)/latino street gang crowd in the southwestern states. Arms were from the Chinese, technical assistance was to be by AQ, for use in causing much trouble. The source has been reliable in the past. I consider this single source info at this time and should be taken as such. Anyone who can lend supporting info please post.

This info and the way it was presented to my source seem to indicate that the AQ is attempting to co op certain disatisfatied sections of the political scene to their own purpose. Kind of an enemy of my enemy thing. The large quantity of Chinese weapons to include RPGs and SAMs would seem to indicate Chinese cooperation possibly even a joint op between AQ and the Chinese Intel apparatus. (Remember the 2000 plus AKs and RPGs intercepted that were destined for the street gangs of LA in 96 or 97?) This poses serious internal security problems as well as adds a new dimension to the china threat. All this info was kept from the public and the operation is being used as an example of the threats being faced to various agencies as they are brought up to speed in Homeland Security.