Please keep us in your prayers: Bush to Sri Sri

Press Trust of India

Sunday, May 09, 2004

Bangalore, May 7: Spiritual leader from Bangalore Sri Sri Ravishankar met US President George W Bush in Washington on Friday, a statement issued by the Art of Living here said.

During his brief meeting at White House Oval office, President Bush told the seer, "I am very glad that you are here and please keep us in your prayers", the release said.

Later Ravishankar was invited to join a prayer meeting followed by a reception in the White House, held as part of the National Prayer Day of America, the release issued by the Art of Living, Washington chapter said. Ravishankar is the founder of the Art of Living.

During his visit to the US, he was also the guest at a reception hosted by members of the US House of Representatives at a reception, it said.