Eleven Israeli Soldiers Killed in Two Gaza Strip Attacks

In the space of 36 hours, eleven Israeli servicemen died in action against Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip.

DBKAfile Intelligence

13 May 2004

Wednesday, May 12, an armored personnel carrier on a mission to seek and destroy Palestinian arms smuggling tunnels on the Egyptian-Gazan-Israeli border was blown up. A bomb or anti-tank rocket detonated the ton of explosives carried on the vehicle, killing five men.

Their names:

1st Lieutenant Avi Hakani, 23, from Ashdod

Sgt. Lior Vishinski, 20, from Ramat Gan

Sgt. Za’ur Smeilev, 20, from Ofakim

Sgt.-Major Aiman Gadir, 24, from Bir Makhsur

Corp. Elad Cohen, 20, from Jerusalem

Tuesday, May 11, six members of the Givati Engineering Platoon were killed on a mission to destroy Palestinian missile and weapons workshops in Gaza City’s Zeitun district. Their load of explosives was ignited by a bomb.

Their names:

Sgt. Aviad Der’i, 19, from Maale Adummim

Sgt. Eytan Newman, 21, from Jerusalem

Sgt. Kobi Mizrahi, 20, from Moshav Mata

Corp. Hidron Amar, 20, from Eilat

Staff Sgt. Ofer Jerbi, 21, from Moshav Ben-Zakkai

Jacob Marvica, 26, new immigrant from Yugoslavia adopted by Kibbutz Geva