Iraq On Fire! Headlines

17 May 2004


Ezzedine Salim, leader of Shiite Daawa party and this month’s head of Iraqi governing council was among at least 10 killed, 6 killed in suicide car bomb explosion at entrance to Baghdad’s Green Zone US-led administration headquarters. His car was in convoy waiting to go in early Monday.

Sadr militiamen lost 41 killed in Amarah and Karbala clashes in last 36 hours. In Nasiriya, one Italian killed, 9 injured when militia drove Italian troops from base in southern Iraqi city of Nasiriya.

Sadr loyalists continue to hold Najef cemetery.

Pentagon plans to move several thousand US units from South Korea to Iraq.

Two Iraqi women working for US coalition killed by gunfire on their minibus in Baghdad; one translator killed, second injured in attacks on their homes.

US soldier killed by roadside bomb near capital.

Wave of clashes with Sadr militiamen continues Sunday in Najef, Karbala and Nasiriyah.