First Gay Couple To Be Married Has No Intention of Being Monogamous

Boston Globe

May 18, 2004

According to today's Boston Herald, here is what the very first recipient of a Provincetown MA same-sex marriage license has to say about marriage:

"[Jonathan Yarbrough] says the concept of forever is 'overrated' and that he, as a bisexual, and [his partner Cody] Rogahn, who is gay, have chosen to enjoy an open marriage. `I think it's possible to love more than one person and have more than one partner, not in the polygamist sense,' he said. `In our case, it is, we have, an open marriage.'"

Does this qualify as a "red herring" (as gay-marriage advocates would call it) or a "slippery slope" (as the opponents of gay marriage have been saying all along)?