George Tenet's Top Allegiance to Skull & Bones

by G. Richard Arnold

Bill Gertz on the Michael Savage radio show June 3, 2004 made it clear that George Bush Sr. and David Boren asked for "continuity" by keeping George Tenet as head of the CIA when President Bill Clinton left office. George W. Bush, Jr. complied. What Bill Gertz and Michael Savage avoided telling their audience is that these "players" (Bush, Boren) are formally inducted into the occult Skull & Bones branch of the Illuminati. They are dedicated to destroying the National Sovereignty of the U.S. in favor of a "New World Order."

The "continuity" Bush and Boren (Skull & Bones) insisted on ... is the iron clad control of the intelligence agencies and military by a corrupt conspiracy referred to throughout the last century as the Brotherhood of Death. (Fleshing Out Skull & Bones, Robert A. Millegan, Trineday.)

A case can be made that 911 was executed by these players.

One historical parallel is the well documented burning of the Reichstag ... the German equivalent of the House of Representatives in February, 1933 by Hitler to gain dictatorial powers. (p268 The Borrowed Years Richard M Ketchum, Random House) The evidence the book says ... indicated it was Hermann Goring ... part of Hitler's inner circle who had the fires set in order to issue "homeland security acts" creating the dictatorship over the German people ... for "their protection".

Evidence suggests that the 911 "disaster" was and is the results of the maneuvering by the Skull & Bones members and their Council on Foreign Relations members ... (the American SS for a New World Order). The Home Land Security and Patriots Acts strip United States citizens of their rights while the borders are left open and foreigners are encouraged to invade the U.S. and dilute and weaken unique freedom the American people once held.

The truth is that George Tenet has worked for ... or ... owed his "job" to, Skull & Bones members most of his working life. His allegiance is not to the United States but to its destruction and its replacement by a world government ... which is the goal of Skull & Bones.

George Tenet has worked for Senator Henry J. Heinz (Skull & Bones) on "National Security." Teresa Heinz is now married to a second Skull & Bones Senator ... John Kerry.

George Tenet was staff director of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence under chairman David K. Boran (Skull & Bones).

The two incidents that these people are using to drive us to WWIII is America's reaction to ... 911 and the beheading of Nick E. Berg.

911 is addressed by the video Painful Deceptions by Hufschmid ( which raises the technical questions and the video 911 The Greatest Lie Ever Sold which addresses the motives. While there may be answers to some of their questions and some errors in what is assumed fact ... they are on a real trail of crime and treason. Look at the evidence.

Research since the production of the above is added in part to the bottom of this missive.

The beheading of Nick E. Berg has caused a "recommitment to the Iraq war" at a time when the torture by CIA operatives in Iraq was documented by photos that could no longer be suppressed because of the Internet.

David K Boren (Skull & Bones) is now head of the University of Oklahoma. Nick E. Berg worked at the University or at least was given a title and check.
Boren's purpose in life is to supply recruits to INTERPOL, Secret Service, FBI, etc.

It appears that Nick E. Berg was an operative recruited by Boren's spy network. How about the reported as fact ... Berg's the sharing of the password to his laptop with one of the 911 hijackers?

See article below Tenet's official biography by G. Richard Arnold.

CFR/Bilderberger and Skull & Bones designations added to biography to make it more truthful.

Short Biography of George Tenet

George John Tenet was sworn in as Director of Central Intelligence on 11 July 1997 following a unanimous vote by both the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and the full Senate. In this position he heads the Intelligence Community (all foreign intelligence agencies of the United States) and directs the Central Intelligence Agency.

Mr. Tenet served as the Deputy Director of Central Intelligence, having been confirmed in that position in July 1995. Following the departure of John Deutch (CFR / Bilderberger) in December 1996, he served as Acting Director.

Mr. Tenet previously served as Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Intelligence Programs at the National Security Council. While at the NSC, he coordinated Presidential Decision Directives on ''Intelligence Priorities,'' ''Security Policy Coordination,'' ''US Counterintelligence Effectiveness,'' and ''US Policy on Remote Sensing Space Capabilities.'' He also was responsible for coordinating all interagency activities concerning covert action.

Prior to serving at the National Security Council, he served on President Clinton's national security transition team. In this capacity, he coordinated the evaluation of the US Intelligence Community. Mr. Tenet also served as Staff Director of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence for over four years under the chairmanship of Senator David Boren. (Skull & Bones) In this capacity he was responsible for coordinating all of the Committee's oversight and legislative activities including the strengthening of covert action reporting requirements, the creation of a statutory Inspector General at CIA, and the introduction of comprehensive legislation to reorganize US intelligence.

Prior to his appointment as Staff Director, Mr. Tenet directed the Committee's oversight of all arms control negotiations between the Soviet Union and the United States, culminating in the preparation of a report to the US Senate on ``The Ability of US Intelligence to Monitor the Intermediate Nuclear Force Treaty.'' Mr. Tenet came to the Committee in August of 1985, as designee to the Vice Chairman, Senator Patrick Leahy, after working three years on the staff of Senator John Heinz (Skull & Bones) as both a legislative assistant covering national security and energy issues and as legislative director.

Mr. Tenet holds a B.S.F.S. from the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service and an M.I.A. from the School of International Affairs at Columbia University.

He is a native of New York and is married to A. Stephanie Glakas-Tenet. They have one son, John Michael.