Indian analyst details 4-pronged China threat, June 8, 2004

Pravin Sawhney, an Indian defense analyst, has warned that China's military buildup is focusing on the dual objectives of limiting U.S. power in Asia and projecting power in the Indian Ocean.

In a recent article in the New Delhi newspaper The Pioneer, Sawhney stated that Chinese military forces are building up in Tibet as part of a four-pronged strategy.

The first element is to continue strategic and conventional arms support to Pakistan to keep India focused on Pakistan.

In Tibet, the Chinese are improving the infrastructure that would allow for a rapid military buildup in the event of a conflict with India in the Himalayas.

The Chinese also are strengthening control of the 2,500-mile border with India and are "nibbling" at territory while India is giving little attention to controlling the border.

China has also adopted a limited nuclear deterrence posture, which implies it is prepared to fight a nuclear war. Additionally, the Chinese also could use tactical nuclear arms, rather than larger, more powerful strategic weapons, Sawhney said.

East-Asia-Intel,, June 8, 2004
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