Marine: 'Just Back From Fallujah And Mad As ...

Just Back From Fallujah'-----From the YAHOO Message Boards


I thought that the US did not negotiate with terrorists. Wrong. The US
miscalculated this whole situation. They really thought it would be a cake
walk. With the chimp's cowboy "Bring It On" mentality, US is the leader of
rogues states aroundthe globe. We are more at risk for terror attacks, now
tahn before Nine eleven. As I humped the streets of Fallujah, I observed the
absurdity of this conflict. I saw 9 month old babies burned beyond
recognition, I saw Iraqi women sobbing and mourning the deaths of their
loved ones, I saw teenaged boys with missing limbs and digits. I saw elderly
men shaking in fear.There were some middle aged men in Fallujah. They were
infuriated by the treatment of the people in their villages. They didn't
feel liberated, so they armed themselves with Russian weaponry and began to
patrol their own villages. US forces felt threatened by these men and began
to fire on the armed Fallujans. This started the deadliest attacks on US
forces since the beginning of the conflict. I asked myself this question
every day since day one: Why are we in Iraq? Why haven't we found
weapons of MAss Destruction? Is Usama Bin Laden in Iraq? No.

Then, why are we in Iraq?

Before losing my right leg in a roadside blast, I looked forward to finding
weapons of mass destruction. There are no WMDs. There is OIL and other
commodities that interest the corporate Mafia, but why do US troops have to
die or come home paraplegic for the folks in Washington?

Just back from Germany via Fallujah and mad as ....