Army Seeking Retirees For Extra Duty!

13 June 2004

Army seeking bare the bad news etc. And maybe more??? ( Afganistan's numbers up from 14,000 to 20,000,,,stop-loss...etc, doesn't sound like things are winding down for the elections.

The Army's Casualty and Memorial Affairs Operations Center (CMAOC) is seeking qualified retired Soldiers for voluntary recall to active duty for a one-year tour of duty, with possible extension. CMAOC is the Army's policy proponent and operations center for world-wide casualty reporting and casualty notification to Soldiers' families. CMAOC oversees all aspects of providing casualty assistance and mortuary support to the families of our fallen Soldiers, to include assisting with the return of fallen Soldiers to their loved ones, ensuring coordination for funeral honors, and tracking the return of personal effects to the family. This is a sensitive mission that requires professionalism, sensitivity, good communication skills and tact, especially when communicating with the families of Soldiers who are injured, ill, missing, or deceased. To read a related article, click here. The site contains specific requirements for retiree recall. Click here.

Air Force Offers New Incentive for South Korea Duty

Airmen who volunteer to extend their tours of duty in South Korea may be eligible for an extra $300 per month. The assignment incentive pay program is designed to reduce permanent-change-of-station requirements, encourage longer tours, provide further stability and improve readiness on the peninsula.The Air Force currently uses the home basing and follow-on assignment, the overseas tour extension incentive and the in-place consecutive overseas tour programs to encourage Airmen to select a South Korean assignment. Officials said they will continue to offer these programs along with the new incentive. It will be offered as a test program until December 2005. Airmen who volunteer to serve a 24-month unaccompanied or 36-month accompanied tour before leaving their current duty station will be offered $300 per month for the duration of the tour. Extension and in-place options will be available to individuals choosing to extend after they are in country. For more information, see this article. To find the latest news and special features concerning the Air Force, visit our Air Force Community Center.

On hearing bad news from Afghanistan: A comment read: "Shit. This is bad news. If the CIA lose control of Afghanistan I will have to go back on the methadone, and I hate that stuff."