Arafat Stages Kidnappings In Gaza Strip!

DEBKAfile Intelligence

17 July 2004

Qureia announces resignation at emergency Palestinian government session in Ramallah Saturday citing unprecedented chaos in Gaza Strip after Friday’s abductions by two armed Fatah factions. First reports that Arafat refuses to accept resignation. French aid volunteers released overnight in Khan Younes by Abu al-Rish faction.

French aid volunteers captured by Abu al-Rish faction released overnight. Palestinian police chief Jebali and military coordinator Aloul also freed. Jenin Martyrs Brigades released Jebali claiming Arafat promised to fire him and try him for corruption after he admitted stealing $8 m. and raping women.

DEBKAfile adds: Kidnappings staged by Arafat himself -

a)To get rid of Palestinian PM and government and so block US-Egyptian pressure to reform security services,

b)To hold off Egyptian contingent’s arrival and dog every step of Sharon’s Gaza Strip evacuation plan with violence,

c)To show Palestinians he alone fights corruption.