Member's Iraq Vet Relative Is Sick: I'm worried its our weapons



In another thread, FloridaMom mentioned her very sick cousin Dusty. He has been diagnosed with lymphoblastic (sp?) lymphoma, and is in a very dire situation. He is a vet from Iraq, specifically the Fallujah area.

I am concerned that Depleted Uranium weapons we use to bust tanks might have played a part and let her know. As the original thread was not about this, it was requested we start a new thread. I'll quote the original posts here, and continue our subject. The original thread is

Before I start posting the quotes, I ask that you please take the time to pray for Dusty. Please pray for God to touch him and heal him, and please ask God to reveal why this has happened to a hero, no matter what the reason is.



Second Thread

You know, what I am about to say isn't about nuclear warheads but this post made me think of my cousin Dusty who is at Walter Reed Army hospital right now fighting for his life with lymphoblastic (sp?) lymphoma. The Drs. gave him 2 weeks to live last week because his kidneys shut down and they couldn't do dialysis at the same time as this super strong chemo he needs. The Lord is answering prayers because since then his kidneys have started working again but he is still very sick and in grave danger.

Anyhow, he joined the Army and was sent straight to Fallujah. He was support for the 82nd Airborne. After about 6 months in Iraq, he started getting sick, kept going to the medics, finally they sent him to Baghdad hospital where they found the lymphoma. He was perfectly healthy before he went into the Army. Before Dusty got to Walter Reed, quite a few other soldiers had already been there and died with what the Drs. thought was a type of pneumonia but I don't know any other details on that part. Another soldier just arrived a few days ago with Lymphoma as well. From the talk of my relatives, the Drs. seem to be speculating and wondering what is causing this.

I am curious if anyone knows, these chemical and biological weapons, can they cause lymphoma and or other types of cancer? What Dusty got came on like a veagence. One day he is fine and a few weeks later he is gravely ill. Also, if some of the solidiers have came into contact with something, I wonder what it would be since not all the soldiers are getting sick. It kinda reminds me of the desert storm guys who got sick. Any opinions?

PS> Please be in agreement in prayer with me for Dusty. He keeps wanting to give up because he is in so much pain. Thanks.