Jane Chastain Questions Why Texas Gov. Bush Broke His Promise and Named a Highway After an Abortionist

The Judicial Watch Report

February 26, 2000

WASHINGTON, D.C.-On today's edition of the Judicial Watch Report, hosts Larry Klayman and Tom Fitton were joined by author and political commentator Arianna Huffington, Congressman Tom Campbell (R-CA) and conservative radio talk show hosts, Jane Chastain and Ray Briem ... In the second hour, Jane Chastain, host of What Washington Doesn't Want You to Know, criticized Governor George W. Bush for breaking his promise to Texas United for Life, and naming a highway after an abortionist. "If George W. Bush is so pro-life, why did he name a large portion of an interstate highway that runs through Texas after a notorious abortion doctor...John Coleman," Chastain said. '[The Bush Campaign] has offered three different reasons why this bill was signed into law. George Bush's excuses are Clintonesque' ... "