Black Ops Suspected In Weekend Church Bombings

By Omar Al-Faris, JUS

While Iraq has accused the mythical Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and of course Al Qaida of carrying out coordinated car bombings at churches in Iraq that killed at least 11 people on Sunday, Muslim leaders and Iraqis voiced a different opinion that being that both the US and Israeli agents which are operating inside have both the motive and the wreckless disregard for human life to perpetrate the actions.

A group calling itself the "Planning and Follow-up Committee in Iraq" claimed responsible for the attacks on a website registered to an US host on Monday. The authenticity of the claim could not be verified.
The car bombs, not martyrdom operations but remote controlled explosions, hit at least five churches, including four in Baghdad and killed at least 11 people and wounded 55 others. The police defused two more bombs outside other churches, one in Baghdad and the other in Mosul.

I spoke with locals following the blast at one of the Syrian Catholic Church in Baghdad on Monday. This is not Muslims this is the Americans and the Jew peoplesaid Jassem Ali Ahmad, a local merchant. The Muslims and the Christians have always lived in peace in Iraq. We would not hurt them. This is the American dogs trying to stir up trouble so they can keep their troops here to steal our oil and keep us living under their occupationhe said. First Saddam and now the Americans. The Americans are worse. They will do anything to our people. They dont care about Iraqis.he added.

Iraqi Sunni and Shiite religious leaders Monday denounced the bombing as criminal acts aimed at undermining Iraqi unity.

"We condemn these attacks regardless of the party standing behind them," said Mohammed Bashar al-Faidi, spokesman for the Muslim Ulemas in Iraq which is the highest Sunni religious authority.

Al-Faidi denied allegations the church bombings might be linked to attempts by American and European missionaries to preach Christianity in Iraq.

"The aim of the church bombings is strictly political, not religious, and like similar bombings that targeted mosques, they are meant to instigate sectarian and confessional strife among the one Iraqi people," he said.
Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, the powerful Shiite cleric who has pointed his finger at US incitement previously also condemned the first ever coordinated attacks on the minority Christian community's churches. Al-Sistani in a statement urged Iraqis to close ranks and reject attempts to draw create divisions and sectarian strife.

US black opsis widely suspected in many of the attacks that pit Muslim against Mulsim and fall outside the laws of Islam. With Israels Mossad known to be active inside the country, and with the US elections approaching, the need to keep terrorismfront and centre is mission critical. America and Israel are the ones who benefit from incidents like Sundays bombings.

Recently, similar attacks have been blamed on al-Zarqawi, a Jordanian was killed in October 2002 and who the US has transformed into the new No 1 enemy which they blame for a multitude of attacks. Iraqi resistance has said repeatedly that al-Zarqawi is not operating with them and not in the country however this fall on deaf ears amid the mass misinformation pumped out by mainstream press.

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