Left Behind: The TV Series

It’s going to be great having the time to explore all the finer details and characters of the Left Behind book in a way we haven’t done yet.”

“A behind-the-scenes West Wing kind of series that’s going to be awesome!”

“This could be the hottest thing in Christian television—our fans are going to love it!”

These were some of our staff’s and production team’s initial reactions to the news that we were about to go into production on a TV series based on the runaway best?selling book by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins.

Like our latest film, LEFT BEHIND II: Tribulation Force, this series allows us to develop all the characters, their personalities, and how they will relate to each other in Nicolae’s world of politics and deception. It’s going to be great to write about,” says series showrunner André van Heerden.

“We envision the ongoing storyline of this TV series to resemble the circumstances outlined in the Book of Acts in that the recently saved Christians have not had a chance to really get grounded in their beliefs, but suddenly they are thrown into the most difficult of situations,” says Cloud Ten co-CEO Paul Lalonde.

The premise of the TV series was prophesied centuries ago in the Bible, giving the spotlight to the greatest deceiver of all: the Antichrist.

“Bad guys in every movie and television show in history have never been topped by this guy,” says Van Heerden, who also dons the director’s cap for the first two episodes. “Nobody beats the Antichrist in the conniving, sinister but incredibly suave and deceptive department. This gives us a lot of latitude and creative room to work with. It could make this the most chilling television series ever produced.”

Cloud Ten’s other co-CEO, Peter Lalonde, also appreciates the creative depth the series provides.“The Left Behind films are great to make,” says Lalonde. “But we are limited to a 90 to 120-minute screenplay, which has its constraints. We love making them, and we will continue to do so because of the tremendous outreach opportunities. But, for true fans of the books and movies, there is nothing like the depth this TV/video series can bring.”

When asked about the spiritual content of the series, Lalonde smiles knowingly, “What other kind can there be?”