'All mobile home parks destroyed' in Charlotte County


August 14, 2004

"All mobile home parks destroyed" was the report for Charlotte County by the state's emergency operation center summarizing reports from officials on the ground.

The 4 a.m. summary released by the state's Division of Emergency Management summarized reports from officials on the ground. It says there are reports that 50 percent of the buildings off Highway 41 are destroyed in the county that was "Ground Zero" for Hurricane Charley's wrath.

It further reports that power lines are down across Interstate 75. The most recent report, for instance, notes that the 911 center in Brevard County is closed due to flooding.

In Orange County, where Charley struck with winds around 90 mph, there were reports of major debris, downed power lines and damage to city, county and state buildings, including the roof of the 911 building.

Sterling Ivey, a spokesman for the state, said preliminary numbers of deaths would come available after daybreak.