Florida: Where are the Bodies?

Urban Survival

August 24, 2004

We're continuing to head from our sources on the death toll in Florida. From a Pinellas County resident comes this report:

Punta Gorda is a true retirement community and the elders did not want to leave their possessions. The deaths they are not counting are the ones that occurred in the hospitals. A few of the hospital's back up generators did not work. So those on life support died. One of the shelters which had about 500 people in it had its roof blown off. The Fire Stations In the path of the storm had their buildings collapse and they could not get the trucks out. So I suspect that many builders of the shelters and fire/police stations that did not hold up will be sought after. Schools, emergency buildings and shelters are suppose to built to code to with stand a category 5 storm....most did not."

Another Florida resident suggests the additional body bags ordered in might be to contain dead livestock. We're still skeptical of the lowball death toll figures from FEMA (25 as of the latest National Situation Update). Unrealistically low, but if they don't count hospital deaths, even if storm related.....