Arnold vs. Alan: Log Cabin Republican Action Alert

September 1, 2004

The Republican Party has a choice. It can be the party of Arnold or Alan.

Log Cabin ally California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger gave an inspiring speech in New York City focusing on the common issues that unite Republicans. On the same day, Illinois Senate Candidate Alan Keyes called Vice-President Cheney's lesbian daughter, "a selfish hedonist." In a political career defined by failure, Keyes has reached a new low with this outrageous comment. This raw intolerance comes on the heels of a party platform that attacks gay and lesbian families and military personnel.

The contrast between Arnold and Alan is exactly why Log Cabin is broadcasting a television commercial this week in New York City and nationally. The ad lays out two different paths for Republicans, choose the path of hope and inclusion in the spirit of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronald Reagan or choose the path of fear and exclusion in the model of Alan Keyes and Rick Santorum.