Zell Jumps Ship...Exposes A Hidden Bush Agenda

by Benjamin W. McDuffee

Detroit News

September 3, 2004

Democrats weren't really too surprised to hear Miller support Bush today. It just fits the mood for this election season. But I for one, was surprised that the Bush White House allowed him to let one of their big cats out of the bag.

As Zell spoke today, he talked about the opposition giving way to FDR in tough times, to allow a peace-time draft, the first of its kind. Why did FDR need that Peace Time Draft? Why because he knew that a big war was on the horizon. He was right. Today, Miller pretty much said that Democrats should do the same.

Support 'W' and allow us to prepare for war.


I know we are spread thin as a military, but what is this big World War we are preparing for? Is Iraq not stomped enough? Is Iran just too tempting to Bush that he can't get the message from his failed judgments in Iraq? Perhaps Bush is still mad at the French, and plans to storm the beaches at Normandy. Its not like he would need the blessing of the UN or anything. Ohhh...that's it! He's going to take on all UN Nations that tried to stand in his way!

To me Miller represents exactly why REPUBLICANS need to ditch Bush. I know they won't, but to protect the name of our nation, we need to be sure that a draft is NOT enacted. This would only give Bush the powers to deploy these new troops wherever he felt. It wouldn't be good for anyone. It would take young men and women, trying to make something out of themselves, right out of their lives, and put them in a soldier's. I am all about a strong Military, and I think people do have that duty when the military needs them. But why now?