Pacific Buildup: Third fast-attack sub leaves U.S. for Guam,

October 5, 2004

A third U.S. attack submarine will arrive in Guam in December to join two other submarines that are part of a U.S. naval buildup in the western Pacific.

The submarine USS Houston will depart from its current home port of Bremerton, Washington, near Seattle. It will join the USS San Francisco and USS City of Corpus Christi.

All three vessels are Los Angeles-class fast-attack submarines that hunt and kill enemy ships and submarines.

The shift in forces is part of the Pentagon's new force realignment designed to give the U.S. Pacific Command more firepower to respond to any conflicts in the Taiwan Strait or North Korea.

"Strategically, Guam's Central Pacific location offers significant savings in both time and distance for submarines," Lt. Arwen Consaul, Guam Naval Base spokeswoman, told Pacific Star and Stripes. "Pacific Fleet submarine assets can be on station much quicker once stationed in Guam."











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