U.S. Missile Defense, Nuclear Technologies Transferred To Russia and China

Patrick Briley
September 14, 2004

"We operate here under directives which emanate from the White House...The substance of the directives under which we operate is that we shall use our grant making power to alter life in the U.S. so that we can comfortably be merged with the Soviet Union." -- Rowan Gaither, President of the Ford Foundation [1954]

In May 2002 GW Bush signed an agreement with Putin of Russia to share US ballistic missile defense research and development with Russia including access to US command and control and testing information for theater and strategic ballistic missile defenses of the US. While a US missile defense system may very well be a wise investment for America, it was extremely unwise for GW Bush to sign the agreement with Putin to give Russia access to US missile defense technologies and command and control systems.

The actual carrying out of the GW Bush agreement with Putin in May 2002 would be a violation of the intent of 1946 McMahon Act (Atomic Energy Act) to prevent sharing of US nuclear technologies with potential adversaries and even allies because certain aspects of US missile defense R&D and systems involves nuclear technologies. Congress also never properly ratified the Bush-Putin agreement as a treaty. Carrying out of the agreement by GW Bush would therefore be a violation of US law and the US Constitution.

There is now proof that the terms of the Bush -Putin agreement are now being, and have been, carried out illegally by GW Bush.

Joint US, Russian and NATO command post and control exercises for theater missile defenses already occurred March 8-12 this year in Colorado Springs with Russia and US computer systems in accordance with the Bush-Putin agreement as indicated by this article from Arms Control Today, "NATO, [US,] Russia Hold Joint Missile Defense Exercise". The exercises involved computer simulations to test jointly developed procedures for communications between NATO, US and Russian commanders and their troops to defend against strikes from short- and medium-range ballistic missiles. Another exercise is expected before the end of 2005.

While Congress, Congressman John Tierney and others, were originally denied test data on US missile defense, Bush was willing to share US test data with Russia and Putin. Tierney was able to force the Pentagon to release a report on the national missile defense test program. Unfortunately, the report documented deceptive practices used, the failure of tests to provide meaningful data on which to base any deployment decisions and the failure to test against any realistic countermeasures an actual missile defense would almost certainly encounter. "The Media Must Demand Truth From the Testers".

Nevertheless, installations of US ballistic missile defense interceptors started in Fort Greely Alaska on July 22, 2004 and additional interceptors are being produced. "First Missile Defense Interceptor Vehicle Emplaced In Alaska Silo"

A key component of US national missile defense, boost phase interceptors, whose development is receiving priority this year, is projected to strategically tie the United States to Iraq, Afghanistan and some of the authoritarian former Soviet republics, such as Turkmenistan, by requiring permanent US military bases there according to officials, scientists and a Congressional Budget office report released in July 2004. "Missile Defense To Tie U.S. To Iraq, Afghanistan, Caspian, Experts Warn."

There is mounting concern that these efforts to install US boost phase interceptors to counter the missile threat from Iran will push the United States into questionable strategic alliances in Iraq and Turkmenistan next to Russia-- and will add new questions about the GW Bush motives for US military action to move into and to continue to remain in the Middle East.

Public White House and sworn 9-11 commission testimony show that Bush and Rice were totally preoccupied in June, July and August 2001 with negotiations to share US missile defense with Russia and locating US missile defense interceptor basis in the Middle East. This ironically led to Bush and Rice inattention and acting far less aggressively than warranted on serious terror alerts from the CIA and the FBI over pending Middle Eastern and AlQaeda sponsored hijack attacks in the US in the summer and fall of 2001 (9-11).

Here is part of the relevant and actual text of the GW Bush and Putin agreement signed in May 2002:

"The United States and Russia have also agreed to study possible areas for missile defense cooperation, including the expansion of JOINT EXERCISES RELATED TO MISSILE DEFENSE, and the exploration of potential programs for the JOINT RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT OF MISSILE DEFENSE TECHNOLOGIES, bearing in mind the importance of the mutual protection of classified information and the safeguarding of intellectual property rights. "

GW Bush actually campaigned for President on a pledge to share US missile defense technology with the Russians as revealed in this AP article from Nov 17, 1999, "Bush willing to share anti-missile technology with Russia".











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