Hurricane Rebuild Updates

Time Bomb 2000 Discussion Thread


I would like to know from those of you who got whacked this hurricane season how things are going with the repairs, rebuild stuff.

Please post what is happening in your area to keep us all updated.

It will be good to see how the FEMA folks, local governments, etc. are actually doing post disaster.


The updates from my MIL in Punta Gorda says it will take years to cleanup and rebuild. Last count was 16,000 homes destroyed and 22,000 homes damaged in the two counties alone.

There are not enough roofers to go around. No place to haul the debris. The piles of debris are down from 12' to around 8' in her neighborhood. The cost of removal and lot cleanup where homes were destroyed average $12,000.

Prices have skyrocketed for material and repairs. Getting the materials in is a problem. My MIL just got her windows put in. Finally she is back in her home and her damage was minor considering the rest of the neighborhood.

The elderly couple across from her are living in a gutted out house. They had to remove walls down to the 2x4's because of black mold. They did get their roof on so they are dry. Plastic covers to holes where windows go. They are something like 167 on the waiting list for the contractor to put in windows, walls and floors.

The trailer park in Punta Gorda that was destroyed is still not livable. There is no place to take the 100+ destroyed trailers. People cannot start over until the cleanup is done. These people either went north and stayed or are in FEMA trailers in another location.

My understanding from her is once FEMA puts up the trailers and people move in their job is done. FEMA does not have people to help the rebuilding process. There is no place for the debris to go and not enough builders to go around.











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