Emergency Alert: National ID/Patriot Act 2 Legislation On Verge Of Passing

Prison Planet | December 7 2004

At approximately 3:30pm today, Ron Paul's press secretary Jeff Deist called Alex Jones to warn him that the legislation that encompasses the national ID card and Patriot Act 2 provisions was on the verge of passing the House tonight.

Deist stated that the bill and what it means for America could be described in a word as 'tyranny'.

Deist's tone was the most concerned that Alex had ever known in his years of communication with Ron Paul's office. Alex made it clear how upset Desit was and that the situation reminded him of a 'war room atmosphere'. Deist and Ron Paul are desperate to mobilize the alternative media before the bill reaches the Senate tomorrow.

There is still a chance that we can shoot down the national ID card provisions before the bill is passed in full.

Deist went on to exclaim his disbelief at how the so-called conservative Bush administration had betrayed America and how Paul's colleagues on Capitol Hill were blindly going along with this and doing whatever Bush tells them to do without question.

For the past two days mainstream news articles have talked of a 'compromise' which was made with the few dissenting voices and that the bill would be steamrolled through.

However, those articles fail to mention the very worst aspects of the bill, instead pitching it as a mere reformation of intelligence communication and protocol.


The bill is S 2845 or 'intelligence reform' and the sub-section with the national ID card provisions is 7212.

Tell your congressman to get the federal mandates for standardized drivers licenses out of the bill.

According to Deist, the bill would not only introduce the national ID card, but make it mandatory to have a job as well as setting up internal checkpoints in the USA.

The House Switchboard number is (202) 225-3121. Simply ask for your Representative by name.











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