Taiwan white paper sees China military dominance by 2006

East-Asia-Intel.com, December 21, 2004

Taiwan's Defense Ministry has issued a new white paper that highlights the growing danger of China's military forces buildup.

The new report states that China's military buildup would lead to a shift in the balance of power in China's favor ... and the likelihood of a war would increase unless Taiwan builds up its forces quickly.

By 2006, China will have the military advantage over Taiwan, the report said.

" .... The imbalance of military power will be conducive for communist China to resolve the 'Taiwan issue' through military means."

The biannual report notes that the possibility of a Mainland attack on the island is growing.

In releasing the report, Vice Defense Minister Lt. Gen. Hu Chen-pu said both Mainland China and Taiwan are upgrading their defense strategies for a possible war across the Taiwan Strait.

"It is not impossible that China will come directly across the sea to attack, but the possibility is low, " Hu said. He noted that China's most likely strategy would be to "paralyze" the island's defenses, including the use of electronic warfare to cripple communications, and then conduct a lightning attack.

A naval blockade is another possible war scenario.

China's 2.23-million man army would likely conduct a surprise attack by invading offshore islands, firing missiles or imposing a blockade.

The Mainland now has 610 missiles deployed within range of Taiwan and can mobilize 250,000 troops, 1,000 warplanes and 730 warships in operations against Taiwan, the report said.

East-Asia-Intel, www.eas-asia-intel.com, December 21, 2004
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China to get Russian hovercraft, indicating it plans amphibious attack

East-Asia-Intel.com, December 21, 2004

A Russian Zubr hoovercraft like the ones delivered to China.

Russia will soon deliver eight very large military hovercraft boats to the Chinese military, according to press reports from Asia.

Acquisition of the hovercrafts is an ominous sign that China is bolstering its forces for an amphibious assault on Taiwan.

The Zubr can travel at up to 60 knots for 300 nautical miles and can lift three main battle tanks, 10 armored personnel carriers, 360 troops or 140 troops and 130 tons of cargo.

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