Death Toll In Southwest Asian Quake Calamity Now Projected To 45,000!

DEBKAfile Intelligence

28 December 2004

Number of Israelis unaccounted for in southwest Asian quake-tsunami calamity rises to 830. Witnesses report 5 or 6 holidaymakers drowned but number may be higher as total death toll in 12 affected countries predicted to reach 45,000. Thirty-three Israelis injured - 4 seriously.

Indonesia reports 25,000 dead, Sri Lanka 12,500. Some 30,000 still missing on India’s Andaman Islands. Nuclear station struck in Indian Tamil Nadu killing hundreds of personnel.

UN mobilizes biggest relief and aid operation in history. Relief planes from two dozen countries leave for disaster areas Tuesday. Aid packages promised by US, EU, Australia, Russia and others.

Three Israeli planes with 150 doctors, nurses, medicines and equipment ready with field hospital for Sri Lanka delayed. Colombo which has no diplomatic relations with Israel will accept supplies but denied visas to medical personnel despite desperate need. Supplies left without personnel. Emergency teams will seek and aid missing holidaymakers











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