We just wanted to remind our subscribers and readers that Mac Dominick of Cutting Edge Ministries will be presenting a new seminar this Saturday, February 19 and Sunday morning, February 20, at the Friendship Baptist Church in Warwick, Rhode Island.

Mr. Dominick is an accomplished speaker and is presenting this new seminar entitled, "Purpose Driven: Transitioning Christians To The Values of the New World Order". He will provide new statistics and new insights into this terribly dangerous End of the Age phenomenon sweeping the country. Cutting Edge has come to believe that the "Purpose Driven Church" IS the Church of Laodicea (Revelation 3:14-22). Since this is the case, the movement of the Christian Church into the prophesied last church of the Last Days has kept pace with the other many events occurring around the world which clearly point to the approach of the Tribulation Period.

Mr. Dominick will be exercising his skill at Powerpoint Presentation, using over 400 slides to augment his seminar.

Here is the schedule of events:

Saturday, February 19, 2005

* 10:00 AM -- "New World Order 101" - Brief overview as to how this church movement fits in with other events

* 1:00 PM -- New Religious Values -- Taken From Really Old New Age Doctrine

* 3:00 PM -- Hidden Witchcraft Doctrine

* 4:00 PM -- Purpose Driven - The Obvious Spiritual Fruit

Sunday, February 20, 2005 -- 11:00 AM -- Tying All Together With Scripture

If you live in the area, please plan on attending. Mr. Dominick is an accomplished speaker, an author, and a valuable member of the Cutting Edge team since August, 1996.

Friendship Baptist Church is located at 2945 West Shore Road, Warwick, RI, 401-738-4392.

Driving Instructions:

* From Providence downtown, traveling I-95 South -- Take Exit 13 to Jefferson Blvd; turn left at Greenwood Credit Union (Main Ave, Rt. 113). Go approximately 1 mile, West Shore Road, turn right. Church is on right hand side.

* From Greenwich area, traveling I-95 North -- Exit 10, Rt. 117, West Shore Road; take a right off the exit, going east. Keep right at the rotary, reconnect with Rt. 117, West Shore Road. Church is about 2 miles east on left.

If you can possibly attend this free seminar, please do so! You are all welcome, and you will really appreciate the information Mr. Dominick will present. This shocking material will be very useful to give someone who is currently caught captive by this Purpose Driven Church phenomenon.