Israeli 11-Member High Court Removes Last Obstacle To Government's Forced Evacuation of Settlers

DEBKAfile Intelligence

9 June 2005

Israeli High Court’s 11 judges affirmed by majority decision the constitutionality of evacuation-compensation law clearing last legal hurdle to government's eviction of Jewish residents of Gaza and N. West Bank from their homes.

Ruling Thursday by 10 members of expanded panel rejected 12 petitions to overturn the law, some claiming evacuation infringed their human rights.

Main change recommended inclusion of minors in groups entitled to compensation.

Israeli public approval of Gaza evacuation has dropped below majority. New Maagar Mohot opinion poll finds approval rating is 48% - down from 65% in February, 33% disapprove (up from 26%). Proportion of undecided stands at 19%

Sharon confirmed falling popularity of evacuation to visiting UK FM Straw Wednesday night. He said getting the evacuation off the ground was becoming harder - mainly because of incessant Palestinian terror. Its continuation would hold up any peace process in future.

Abbas stays on in Gaza Thursday to discuss salvaging ceasefire and Paletinian election date with heads of terrorist groups Thursday. Ignoring his presence, they continued firing at IDF and civilian locations through Wednesday night. Palestinian intelligence officers rejected interior minister Yousef’s demand to hand over the keys of their arsenals.

Eleven wanted terrorist suspects rounded up Wednesday night across West Bank.

Israel police report substantial increase in Palestinian terrorist organizations’ bids to mount mass-casualty strikes inside Israel - Most are foiled.

Mofaz calls on Yousef to train forces to hold off terrorist strikes against Israeli evacuation operation and prepare police contingents to deal with Palestinian looters.