Khuzestan Arab insurgents hit oil target in Iran for the first time

Iran Accuses Coalition Forces

DEBKAfile Intelligence

13 June 2005

Four days before hitting two Iranian cities Tehran and Ahwaz Sunday, Khuzestani guerrillas Wednesday struck Iran’s Karoun oil installations east of Ahwaz. Saturday night President Hatami flew in secretly to assess damage. Region supplies 80% of Iran’s oil output.

The guerillas struck again Sunday with four blasts against Ahwaz government centers – one at least suicide bombing. At least eight killed. Later Sunday, five explosions killed at least 1 person in Iranian capital.

Iranian security rounds up thousands of Khuzistani Arabs and cut off province’s Internet links. Tehran convinced unrest engineered by American, British and Iraqi commands in Iraq

On April 22, DEBKA-Net-Weekly 203 lead article explored Khuzestan Arab Spring offensive and its Kurdish Iraqi backing. On May 6, DNW 204 revealed Khuzestan Front’s No. 2 leader Said Taher Naama paid secret visit to White House April 23