Is A National Martial Law Close?

By Jean Dury, Quebec Journalist

Gazette des thérapeutes (Therapeutists’ Gazette)

September 2, 2005

Translated From French by Cutting Edge Subscriber

Gazette : Why do you envisage the martial law for very soon ?

DURY : The martial law is being prepared for long time but the recent events like the law that persecute individual freedoms in USA are proof of it. To understand the how our era proceeds, one have to go back until the sources. One remarks that the present monetary system is just a fraude that started in 1694 in the origin of the England’s central bank. The decision makers of that time, all members of secrete societies, have invented the modern alchemy. Transmuting paper into gold had created money out of nothing, based on nothing.
Money is no longer supported by gold for a long time. It has became a «flexible» currency, valueless, lended by banks to governments with interest. All the world governments, even China, bowed to it. They are all in debts and taxation is the mean by which they pay the interests to the banks.

The ratio of what humans owe in interests and the available capital is so enormous that it is impossible for them to pay all the debt. Every time that the central banks emit new money to pay the interests on lending, this creates some inflation. The true money doesnt exist anymore. If money was backed by gold as of Jules Cesar’s time, there would never be any inflation.

To support this fraude laws and justice had to support it with rules that control the individual preventing him from entering rebellion. I have learned that the BIS (Bank of International Settlement) located in Bâle in Switzerland, will require by 2006 that all the banks prove a 25% of reserve instead of 10% in order, betwen other reasons, to approve some loans.
For example, if today a bank lends you 1000$ it is likely to possess 100$ in reserve. This amount will pass to 250$. No bank can garanty this. The market will therefore go out of money and the banks are going to collect capitals. This process is already launched at this moment. Governments will increase taxes and desinterest themselves from social programs. They are already doing everything to collect the capital.

This new rule will create a worldwide monetary crises and governements are accomplices of that. We will see a crash of the present system that will be forced to impose the martial law to control peoples. It is possible that the banks will refuse or be in impossibility to give deposited moneys to the savers, like in Argentina. Pension funds and savings will disapear like snow under the sun. Such a status will generate fear, distress, anger, and chaos. The army will be called at rescue to supposedly protect the population, but in fact it will be like now, to keep an eye on them and take control of revolts. Already they are prepare us to the presence of soldiers daily, ready to garanty our protection, the traditional excuse. They rise fear in people’s mind with doubtful stories of terrorism which act like smoke-screen that blind people taking their attention away of real problems like voting officials who secretly pass laws that take away our ancestral rights in profit of the banks and industries.

The laws that have been voted and executed during years are made so that they can change the constitution of the countries and restrict all freedoms legally, very important to avoid the reactions. When the monetary crisis will happen, the martial law will be legal too. Everything is made slowly to bring the world government backed by a false unique currency ressembling the way proposed by the Fabian society in the beginning of the previous century which emblem was a wolf on a lamb’s skin. Meanwhile they try to sell constitutions and laws of the lands that supposedly protect us.

Worlwidely, we remark a warrior tendency and laws that are more and more punishing to dominate the human, subject him at any cost. But the human is tough. He resists like he did and will always do, because he is born FREE in a free mind and does not accept domination easily.

Gazette : What is the role of religious thought in all this ?

DURY : I don’t like that idea of the supremacy of God that humans seize to justify the murders of innocents. The bible serves like a model to support all this artificial control taking of humans by a world government. It is with the help of this adulterated document that i considere as a false document, that biblist politicians do support to obtain changes of the laws according to moral. The one that promote the GOOD man who decided to follow the instructions of God. Obviously, these men assert the power of this God that they imposed. For 2000 years, the bible holders, the GOOD people as opposed to the BAD people that they track on the planet, have not ceased to cause wars, unnamed injustices and conflicts to maintain themselves on power. Remark that presently, the two main causes why humans kill each other are two mental inventions : Money and God.

Gazette : If God is not your guide, what inspires your life ?

DURY : China people also don’t beleive this notion of God. In fact it is not whether i beleive or not in God or in good or in evil that matters, but i can’t refrain rom oberving the deeds of the God soldiers. These warrior minded people that dictate their laws, preaching subjection (submission) to the entire world. They create chao around them while they refuse to see their interior chao. They work in the name of the « law and order » with preference for the moral so that humanity becomes better, for this they require uselessly punitive laws that enslave the human instead of freeing him to an extend where we can almost predict his disappearence.
I srongly beleive that a good and intelligent man or one that makes a deep self introspection would not need to invent the moral. The human is enough to himself and does not need to analyze the others and to divide them into good ones and bad ones. Eventhough i respect those who insist to beleive in the bible, good for them, i feel more comfortable with the oriental mentality that does not have this notion of God.
My speech might look negative to some but i remain positive despite everything. I am rather partisan of ideas that teach that we are getting close as humanity to the Thymus era, a period of harmony, as opposed to the present era, the immunitary system era made of conflicts. I dont have a cristal swell but i feel that something important for the entire humanity is on way.
Gazette : What do you think of taxes that are increasing more and more?
DURY : Terrific. A clear theft but it is more and more contested. They tell us that there is no money for our social programs. Citizens complaining more and more and we feel increasing angers. They are revolted to have to pay for a government that is accomplice of the banks to refund usurious loans often invented thanks to dirty tricks or to finance wars that have only one goal : to establish the world fascism.

Gazette : What do you think of DEMOCRATY ?

DURY : It is a pure smoke-screen invention. It does not exist since the monatchy has never been abolished but rather conserved via secret societies. This system is controlled by them and all political decisions since 500 years are fed by them. In USA, the democraty is named Republican and Democratic parties which for 200 years are sometimes one or other 49% or 51% of voting intentions while there is no difference betwen them both. Ridiculous. Canada does not escape the scheme.

Gazette : What is your version of the role of taxes ?

DURY : First off one have to denunciate the hypocrisy of the officials to the fact that the council of the treasurery at the federal or provincial levels is not working for the government but for the central bank of Canada, a private bank that is THE true manager of the governments.
But the concept of tax is a copy of the « dîme » (note : i dont know the equivalent word in english, dîme is the 10% that the ancient France government takes automatically on people’s revenue to pay to the church). The governments have succeded in making people beleive that those who refuse to pay the taxes are bad citizens like the bad christians back in time, people who refuse to participate to the collective effort. But the mass does not seem to know that the taxes do not serve to the hospitals or other common wealth that would serve them in return. On contrary, a huge % of the taxes money serves only to pay the interests on loans taken from banks to finance investments in our common interest. This is where the problem lies.
It is the central banks, but not the people, that enrich themselves with the taxes on revenues. It is according to me a crime against humanity. As a lawyer, i have informations about taxe that iam sure can help the ordinary citizen who wants to understand.
For example do you know that the word revenue is not defined in the law on canadian tax. It is an hypocrisy. This word means property. The federal government should not claim tax on property, that is strictly of provincial juridiction.

To make a story short, it is the american bankers who started this new system of taxation and caused the 14-18 war to achieve it. They had to impose the US federal note. Before that, the american people was not beleiving in central banks. There have been many bankrupts in which citizens have lost their economies. This bloodsheding war of 14-18, unuseful to the evolution of the human race, have seen two bankers brothers opposed, one in USA, the other in Germany.
Gazette : Do you intend to inform the ordinaty people of their rights regarding taxes ?

DURY : Yes. More and more people are waking-up for their rights that are being ridiculed in the name of a doubtful moral. At the moment there is a strong demand to make accessible to the justiciables a certain amount of knowledge of laws that should not longer be reserved to lawyers. We have seen the same phenomena in health where the doctor has seen the fall of his monopoly under the weight of customers more and more participative in their health decisions.

Gazette : Are you asking the citizens to disobey the law ?

DURY : Never, iam not an anarchist. Those who don’t beleive in the governments are seen like heretics of the past who refused to beleive and subject themselves to the church. People like me who denounce the lies and flasifications of the political system are treated as anti-government beings. Tomorrow it will be even worst because we are about to be criminalized. What a funny coincidence with the inquisition of the previous millenium.
Let us make this clear, i do respect the laws but some of them are unnamed nonsense.

Gazette : What is a « TAX PROTESTOR » ?

DURY: It is a term invented by the federal justice ministry that lauched a compaign to eliminate those who do not want to finance the governments by taxes. For them, it is like a sect that militates clandestinely in the goal to reverse the government. For me, it is them that are the sect that tries to reverse the people.
Christian Fréchette, qith whom i want to make conferences, is considered a tax protestor by the ministry. The only reason of this ridiculous sticker lies in the immense fear of i supposed leaders to lose their jobs and their great illusions to beleive that the taxes serve to their financing. Christian (Fréchette) make them fera only with his deep knowledges about taxes rights that he gained after many years studying it.
I do criticize the goverments but iam not a revolutionist nor in war against them. I don’t put charge on anybody. I think that because mainly of our ignorance, we have allowed all this to happen. We are all responsibles like the Bouddhist and Zen masters themselves say it. The government officials monopolize on our ignorance. The goal of the conferences is to inform people of our immense power when we know the laws and their interpretations.

Gazette : When will you start this conferences and who can participate ?

DURY : The citizens who want to be lit on the topic are all invited. We envisage a conference on 27 and 28 of march (Note : that was in 2003 i think). For more informations, you can communicate with Eddy Gagné at 450-974-3272.
Gazette : Thank you Me DURY for this interview.
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Translator's Notes

Jean Dury is this lawyer who dared to defy the magistrature by contesting the constitutionnal validity of the obligation of wearing the «black wrap» in justice court. He saw in this rule, which gives juges the power to tell the lawyers how to get dress, a taste of religion of which he is a burning denonciator. Dury suspects that there is a link betwen dressing in black wrap and religious thought. It is lawyers all dressed this way who write laws around the world or
Repeal law codes. But behind them, there is a religious ideology that has an interest in defending or promoting the coming of a better world.

Behind the religions, it is secret societies that lead the economical game and make the things so that the domination could keep going on on the earth. It is by their influence that the are voted the laws that ridicule the democraty and eat slowly but surely the ancestral rights of the free men who more and more become slaves, having lost their free will in this world.
Dury is an admiror of UG Krishnamurti. Like him, he beleives that only the human being, its conscuousness and body do exist. Our lawyer beleives that the religions, the governments, the democraty or social body are inventions, virtual creatures, pure human creations whose rights must not overpass those of the individuals. The social body is less important than the natural body.

Only the individual do exist, and the laws or endoctrination must never dominate him. Receiving the light and making light are prioritary in Jean Dury’s life.