Hurricane Ophelia -- On Site Observations From Building Contractor Whose Home Was In Storm's Path

September 15, 2005

This storm deliberately underrated by about one-half -- Was Category 2, not 1. Worst damage in 50 years on the coast. Worst damage since Hazel in 1954. Storm sounded like a freight train, which may have been produced by micro-bursts -- never sounded like that in any of the other 10 hurricanes through which he has passed

Hit perfect targets, barrier islands much damaged and some areas will be condemned - resort areas up and down the coast, strand of barrier islands radically hit - Storm surge 6-10 feet, as high as 12 feet in some areas

Some of the rebuilding which occurred after Isabel will now have to be rebuilt

Was strenghtening when it should have been dying down - Certain quadrants of storm over land was stronger than other quadrants, but official reports only focussed on weaker quadrants

Seeing hexagrams and pentagrams in the eye on TV -- Scott Stevens says that, when you see geometric patterns in the storm, you know you are looking at Scalar technology

Local weather anchor wzas unbelieving of official government weather information -- WCTI, channel 12, New Bern

National Guard is already deployed

Rain was falling at over inch per hour

Damage was much more widespread than from Isabelle

A million-dollar home of a doctor had windows rated at 150mph and the storm curled them upward at the edges so that water poured in

Only rescue personnel are allowed to cross over to certain communities on the Outer Banks, until they can do a damage assessment

Bush declared area a Federal Disaster area and dispatched FEMA